Space Adventure Trip--Php 44M

Announcement guys! It's P44M or $100,000 fare trip if you want to travel outside the earth (huh! bongacious ! ) ^_^.

Meron pala non?!? Hahaha

Actually, that's on a "sale" price pa nga and take note ulit from $102,000 it went down to $100,000..

The trip before was offered to 100 travellers who booked for it. But now, it's open to all who wants to see what it is outside the earth. (Kalokah!)

Ang mga explorers ay sasakay sa rocketship equipped with things just like the astronauts.

In other countries, space travel is booked in the form of private flights. May mga brokers na nakikipagcoordinate sa mga space tourism agency to be able to avail that one of a kind "trip".

How I wish I can avail that outerspace adventure! (asa pa hehehe)

What are you waiting for? TARA NA! Sakay nah! ^_^

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