Itching little Luiz

"Ma! Ang kati! Ang kati! Hu hu hu"(mom, I'm itching!) cried my youngest last night while showing me the red tiny and bumpy marks on his arms. "What are these Mama?" he asked me.

"Those are prickly heat or heat rashes, Luiz.(May bungang araw ka, anak)."

"Will I get ugly? Do I'll turn like a zombie...?" He asked while scratching the red marks.  "No! Definitely not my Luiz".  He thought of it because we seldom watch "Night of the Living Dead" a movie series wherein people were being bitten by zombies and definitely became itchy (because infected by a certain virus) and few hours will became one.

Hahahaha! Children are really like that.  They thought that all of the things that are happening in television are true.

Prickly heat or heat rashes occur especially during summer and  it is prone to people who sweat excessively.  Philippines is a tropical country-- and  chidren are most likely to develop this skin allergy when the weather is hot and humid.

"When will these marks disappear, mama?"  He asked again.

Hmmm...prickly heat is not a serious condition.  The marks will disappear  in a few days and you will be again as flawless as ever like "Piolo Pascual" I ended the conversation throwing a hard laugh and hugging him thightly.

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