Let's Vote on 2010

The recent national election was the one if not the most important event to all Filipinos. Why? Because aside from having tough candidates for presidentiables (am i right?)--it was the first implementation of AUTOMATED voting system in the Philippines.

And as early as 6:00 am, hubby and I together with my sister Angie and nephew Jerome went to Cembo Elementary School (our polling place) to make and cast our respective votes.

The weather was hot! People were roaming around the corner...parito't paroon, perfect to describe 2010 May election--firy and busy!

By the way, hubby's a new registered voter of Makati. He had his previous votes in Pateros.The reason why he had to search on for his newly assigned precint to one of the three INFORMATION booths found in and outside the polling place. New registered voters and those who had problems in locating their respective precints or names were easily resolved through the help of internet-based Voter Registration Record System.

Police Assistance Desk was also found outside CES (Cembo Elementary School)-- incharged of maintaining peace and order throughout election day period.

Also, locations and numbers of precints were easily illustrated on computer print-out signs.List of registered voters were also posted outside respective precints. We checked on our names and filled-up the small stub that had to be
submitted upon voting.

Finally, after long hours of waiting the time for voting was initiated at exactly 7:00 am.

First batch of 10 were called ^_^ (It was actually a batch of SENIOR CITIZENS) because of their age they were given the first priority to vote. But haaay...it took them so long...really ^_^.

The BEI's were the ones who verified and checked my record on their list. Then a ballot was given to me-- I filled-up and voted for my choices. When I finished shading all the ovals (hehehe), the BEI assisted me to have my ballot read by a pcos machine.

The monitor appeared the word "Congratulations" meaning--my ballot was successfully scanned, casted and verified. So far...soo good naman ^_^.

And finally, we were marked by an indelible ink on our right index
finger (sorry sa kamay ko medyo kulubot na kakalaba..haha!) Ito lamang ay nagpapatunay na isa kami sa milyung-milyong nakilahok at patuloy na umaasa sa pagbabagong minimithi ng bawat PILIPINO.

At sana kung sino man ang lumabas na panalo sa eleksyon--hwag sanang maging "corrupt" at "gahaman" sa kapangyarihan, bagkus ay manilbihan ng tapat at maging dahilan sa ikaaangat ng buhay ng bawat PILIPINO.

To all the teachers who devoted their time in this ELECTION...thank you!


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