hubby's yummy sisig

Last 7th birthday of my niece Marty, which happened last May 23, Papa voluntarily prepared his special dish --SISIG, a famous one from the North particularly from Pampanga. Hmm everyone is excited and happy everytime Papa does his Sisig especially as a "pulutan". (Lahat nag-aabang, lahat natatakam!) Everybody is waiting and craving for it, promise!

 Papa is busy preparing his best 
sisig for the affair

When all done, everyone has his free taste including me

These are the ingredients in preparing SISIG:

1) ear part of the pork meat

2) "batok" or "pisngi" part of pork meat

3) pork liver
4) "utak" ng baboy
5) onion
6) garlic, ginger
7) vinegar
8) salt and pepper to taste
9) chili (siling labuyo)

1) of course before cooking, be sure that all ingredients are clean and well prepared.

2) Put all the meat in the caserole and have them tenderized together with the "utak ng baboy" (Ilagay ang mga karne at palambutin ng maigi sa isang kaserola kasama na rin ang nakaplastik pang utak ng baboy);

3) If the meat is already tender, take it out from the caserole and have it grilled (kapag malambot na ang karne hanguin ito at ilagay sa apoy (ihawin) ng mga ilang sandali;

4) When done, cut or slice the meat into small tiny bits just like you see in the pic.(Kapag natapos ng ihawin, alisin sa apoy at hiwain ng maliliit);

5) When all done with the slicing of meat, slice also the onion, garlic and ginger the same size as of the meat (hiwain ang sibuyas, bawang at luya ng katulad din ng pagkahiwa ng sa karne);

6) When all done with the slicing, mix the sliced meat, onion, garlic, and the ginger together (Paghaluin ang mga hiniwang karne, sibuyas, bawang at luya);

7) Put the so-called "utak ng baboy" and add vinegar, salt and pepper (Ilagay ang utak ng baboy at timplahan ng suka, paminta, asin at kaunting siling labuyo (optional))

There you go guys! You have a delicious, yummy and hot sisig!

Happy Eating! ^_^

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May 27, 2010 at 11:01 PM

Pampabata.Lalo na yung ingredients na vetsin it makes our bones weaker it takes the calcium in our body needs its a silent killer that causes cancer. No offense but this food does not have any valuable nutrients to your body just to satisfy your tounge no wonder it taste good but in reality no health benefits. Much better kung fish na lang main dish ng Sisig nyo.

May 27, 2010 at 11:19 PM

@macroman hey u r ryt! Definitely vetsin isn't gud and harmful too...but all comes into moderation...alam ni hubby yan ^_^

Anyway thanks for dropping by and we'll try to use fish instead nxt tym ^_^ hav a gr8 day!

May 28, 2010 at 1:37 AM

@macroman no vetsin at all as per hubby

*sori to misinformed u guys!

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