Probably teens nowadays may not be familiar with him or maybe some would have known him from watching tv or stories from their moms and dads. The youngs might be familiar with BRANDON ROUTH-the man next to him who played as Superman in "Superman Returns" in 2006.

I remember when I was in my elementary days (sorry, couldn't remember my exact age then)I was able to watch Superman the Movie (Part 1) and it was the first time I got to see CHRIS REEVE. Since then, when I got a chance to sign in an autograph (w/c was uso noon sa skul) I fill-in his name to a portion that asked "who is your crush?" He is my one great idol ! And will remain as my Greatest CRUSH eventhough he'd already passed away.

I used to dream then na ako si Lois Lane ^_^ (you know naman..sooo inlove with him)

When I found out that CHRIS REEVE was already dead it really torned me apart. I was'nt able to watched the announcement on television or not even read an article bout his death.

I have his 4-part SUPERMAN vcd's at home and a nostalgic movie SOMEWHERE IN TIME. I am into seeking process of all the copies of the movies he did when he was still alive. Sana I can have all those movie vcd's too.

(my 4-part Superman movies by CHRIS REEVE)

(My "Somewhere in Time" vcd)


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