A Journey Through Eye Cataract

It was September, 2009 when Nanay had an initial eye examination in Ospital ng Makati and diagnosed that her cataract was already developed and was ready to be operated.
But Nanay had series of eye consultation with different Opthalmologist outside OSMAK.

She had went on several medical laboratories such as urinalysis, CBC’s , Chest X-ray and ECG.

She also undergone heart ultrasound (2decho) and had to maintained her blood pressure normal for a couple of months.

The recommendation for operation was just released only last February, 2010 because the reconstruction of Building 2 was still on-going that time and Nanay’s blood pressure wasn’t that stable.

Finally, one afternoon, we got a phone call from one of the staff of the hospital

It was only on the 23rd (Tuesday) of March, Nanay was admitted in Ospital Ng Makati. We were said to be there one day before the operation so that Nanay would be relaxed and ready mentally and physically.

Getting Ready for the Operation:

We arrived at OSMAK at 9:10am and went straight on the 5th floor of the Optha Office. Nanay was admitted by Dr. Walter Dimayuga and stationed her at the Optha Ward in 4th floor.(her bed was #5)

Nanay was ordered not to take any meal starting 12 midnight until the operation.

That night, we couldn’t sleep well. I had little naps and woke up at the hours of 2:30am, 3:00am, 3:30am and finally awake at 4:15am.

She was given her IMIDAPRIL 10mg to lower her highblood pressure for her last BP was 160/80.

At last she was sent to Operating Rm. At 9:00am. She was with 150/80 bp.

It was 10:45am when the next patient for cataract operation was sent to OR. So I assumed that Nanay’s operation was over. Until one of the nurse confirmed that it was already done and she was already in the Recovery Room.

Aunt Liza accompanied nanay during her last 2 nights in the ward. (thanks Aunt!)

All was done with her eye cataract operation and the success of it went to all the doctors and nurses who took care of Nanay during her stay.

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August 25, 2012 at 7:35 AM

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