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Hmmm...I wasn't that so serious making all the blogs that  I did posted on my site. But upon seeing a friend's earning from different PTC sites --i got curious and overwhelmed by the earnings.

If you want to earn money online you have to register to PayMeSocial.com. PayMeSocial is quite different from that of PTC Sites-it is a Social Media wherein you will earn for a referred friend, blog or video uploaded--but first you have to have an account on Alertpay.com. Please click the banner ad below if you still don't have any account with Them and it will bring you to the site:

After you have registered, click on to the referral link below that will bring you on PayMeSocial.


 After registering on the paymesocial upload a photo and have it verified to be able to earn and have all its benefits as a member.

(remember, do not forget to fill-in the data of the person who invited you to join PayMeSocial and that is me hahahah  please do write or enter my username Maricel  *Please take a look at the red marks on the picture below:)

It is very simple to become a Photo Verified member and the benefits are UNLIMITED!
After you become a Photo Verified member you can:
  • Earn up to $1.00 per Referral
  • Earn $0.50 per Video
  • Earn $0.10 per Blog
  • Prove that you are a REAL person
  • Take advantage of any other CASH offers that become available
Follow these steps to become a Photo Verified member:
1. Find a sheet of paper/cardboard or any other material available 
2. Clearly write the following statement (PayMeSocial.com Rocks! Your Username)
3. Take a picture of the statement  above with yourself either holding it in front of you, or beside you. Your whole face must be in the photo. Be creative with your verification Photo (No restrictions)
4. Upload it and wait for a site moderator to approve it, you will be notified when it's approved.
To be sure that your verification photo will be accepted, here are some key points to remember when taking your photo:
- Don't use a digital device such as computer, phone etc to write it on.
- Include your whole face, fingers and arms in the photo
- Don't use black and white or any other special effect, picture must be in colour.
- Photo must be reasonably clear
- You must not type the words, they must be written with your hands.

Take a look at my verified photo

Then after moderator has verified your photo you can now enjoy the following benefits and earn from your blogs, videos and friends referred to the site.

Happy Earnings ^_^

(I would like to note and thanks pinaymommy for referring me and inviting me on this site.)

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