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My life is an open book. I never denied the fact that I am getting along with a committed man with two kids.

It wasn't that easy. My siblings, my officemates and worst--my bestfriend condemned me for such immoral act against God.

I never had a happy childhood life. Yeah, my Nanay (mom) and Tatay (dad) had given me so much love and care. But I was growing up a child seeing the fightings and misunderstandings of my parents with my half siblings. And got a feeling of rejection from them that time.

When I had my high school I was looking for happiness with friends and started going out with my "barkada" (a set of friends)I had found a so-called "family" with them around, giving me the feeling of what was like to be "needed" and "be needed"...we laughed and enjoyed a lot. And shared things most of the time.

When I started working, confusion came and had not anyone to hold onto but myself.

17 years ago was a lot of mind buggling, heartaches and survival. No one had ever known that I was into deep emotional depression and frustration during those times of confusion. How would they know? They never cared to asked in the first place.

But those were the times--heartaches passed by, family members are of great support for each and everyone. I have nothing in my mind now than my kids to grow --beautiful and good servants of God.

Great 17 years!

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July 8, 2010 at 7:28 PM

It's amazing the things that we go through when we are kids.

July 9, 2010 at 1:30 AM

@shell...yeah! Glad i'd gotten through with all of these

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