Remembering Tatay on his 80th bday

Today, July 4, marks the birthday of my beloved "Tatay" (father) and he would be 80 years old if he was still alive.

It was June 24, 1995 when Our Creator took him. He died of cardiac arrest and was 60 years old. I was only in my early 20's when he passed away.

"Tatay" was a brave military man from the Armed Forces of the Philippines where he served 30 years of being in service in the AFP.

During The Late Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr's imprisonment in Fort Bonifacio, he was one of the assigned Jailguard who was awarded and promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Why? I don't know but Nanay told me that he was given a plaque of appreciation for following orders from General Ramas, that no one was allowed to see Ninoy that time other than his family. Then one day a visitor came-he was our beloved Cardinal Jaime Sin. And as appointed and directed to Tatay, he never allowed Cardinal Sin to see Ninoy Aquino which made the priest angry and reported Tatay on their AFP Chief.

Disciplined, straight, and dedicated on his duty--that was Tatay as a whole.
It has been a decade and 5 years that Tatay's not here anymore. I know how Great my Tatay when he was still alive and I know how much he had loved me.

"For you Tatay, you were the only man who had loved me unconditionally. I still remember your teary eyed holding my "Jollibee spaghetti pasalubong...

Tatay, up to now you are still guiding and taking care not only me and nanay but my whole family as well. I'm sorry for all the things that I had done that hurted you...


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