Last Summer Escpade for 2010

Yup! I thought we will not be able to spend the last days of beating the summer without getting out from the four corners of our home.

It wasn't planned at all. Actually, hubby got home from work and asked us to join their office first anniversary in a swimming trip and the next thing we knew -- me and the 2 kids were with papa and his officemates heading Pansol, Laguna for a swimming escapade.

It was an unexpected trip so I wasn't able to prepare food for the family. Anyway, I was the one who cooked Chicken Adobo for the group.

At exactly 12:00pm, we were able to find a place to stay and to swim. It was hard to find one because places were fully booked that day and were advanced reserved by others.

This was the name of the resort we had gone.  It was in Pansol, Laguna

I was happy to see my hubby and John swimming together.  I was quite a little proud to see John learning how to swim.

DKS-CLICK Night Shift Operations Chauffeurs

hubby, me and John

This was where we eat after the swimming thing--kakagutom

We actually arrived at home at 9:00 in the evening.  Tir but with meeting all of the friends of hubby, plus of course, the fun that my kids had it was really a lot of happy moments and a great way to end the SUMMER 2010

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