Blackout and Basyang 2010

The Philippines was hit by a typhoon named "Basyang" yesterday, reason why my eldest son John arrived from school because of the suspension of classes.

Yesterday, NCR (Metro Manila) was under storm signal no.1

I woke up yesterday night bout 12midnight and found out that we were experiencing a blackout.(Actually I didn't have any idea if the whole Luzon was totally covered by the said shortage it was only when I woke up in the morning and read news via twitter.

"Basyang" attacked NCR midnight of July 13.

Classes were suspended from elementary to high school when storm signal no. 2 was raised later on.

As a result, it was totally a boring day not only for me and hubby- but most especially for my two kids who are spending their time playing computer games when there are no classes.

Worst, all our mobile phones were battery emptied. In short-no tv, no communications.

The services of electricity was only then resume past 9 in the evening of July 14 only in our area.

As I heard there were major casualties in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna and Batangas. Reports said that there were actually 20's of death toll (still rising) by typhoon "Basyang" and nearly 60's are still missing.

But after that strong and angry wind attacked and rain pouring very hard, at last it all end up.

Haay, thank GOD it's done.

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