My BFFs Wedding

The afternoon was soo soo great last Thursday and the weather was perfect and matched the excitement of all the people who love BFF Che.

"We are happy for you, BFF".

That was the word we told our friend Che when she finally knotted a tie to her eight-year boyfriend last April 28, 2011.

The wedding was so simple (anyway, friend wanted it to be that way) but memorable for her. All of the important people were there to witnessed her having vow with her man.

From her parents, relatives and us (her BFF) we were so sure that the event was worth remembering and would considered as her most treasured one.

The wedding was held in our nearby community chapel St. Vienney here in Cembo. The ceremony began at exactly 2:15 in the afternoon.

Mottif was royal blue and golden yellow.

bff and her parents
(see how beautiful she was during the wedding)

Wedding souvenir I had

Signing in for some wedding messages

Me and BFF showing how happy we were for her

Again, we hope for more  little Che and Little Sam coming very soon!!!

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