Champorado ala Luilee

When I was still young nanay (mother) cooked this for me as my snack in the afternoon after I woke-up from my nap. (It was a family practice, by the way to take an afternoon nap every after I had taken my lunch)

This is called Champorado, a Filipino food wherein glutinous rice (malagkit) is being cooked with cocoa (tablea, chocolate powder as such)

This is how I prepare my Champorado Luilee ( I named it after my youngest because this is his favorite food for breakfast)


glutinous rice (malagkit)
cocoa powder  
sugar to sweetened
1 evaporated milk

(*my preparation is good for my two sons only)


Boil  rice with your cocoa powder, add milk and sugar to sweetened its taste and whoolah!  A very creamy and delicious breakfast for my Luilee ^_^

Best served while it's HOT!



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