Bonding with former IETI Buddies

It has been 17 years since we graduated from our Alma Mater, International Electronics and Technical Insitutte, in Guadalupe Makati on 1993 when finally organized our first meeting in Glorietta (Makati) last April 17, Saturday.

The first meeting we had was attended by former IETI-CSBM students namely  Mae Cezar-Pasia, Riza Pensan-Ramirez, Agnes Ignacio and yours truly. We met at exactly 12pm at Mcdonalds. We (Agnes and me) were accompanied by our respective sons while Mae and Riza went on by themselves.

After graduation, each had respective roles to play and duties to fulfill not only for ourselves but for our families as well.

The meeting was a lot of fun.  Non-stop chikahan and kwentuhan about each lives and whats keeping ourselves busy.

Riza and Agnes are both employees of private companies while Mae on the other hand, is a successful AVON Franchised Manager in Laguna and yours truly is a fulltime (pretty) mom of two and a wife jejeje ^_^

We were also thinking of organizing a grand reunion  before 2011 ends and we hope that majority of our batch will attend the event because for sure  it will be a lot of FUN and SURPRISES for everyone especially for those who haven't seen their college buddies for 17 long years.


Me together with my FLIPPERS BARKADA

A picture taken during CHRISTMAS PARTY

A picture taken during our TYPING HANDS-ON

Now that everyone and everything has been "mission-accomplished" it would be a WONDERFUL time to reminisce again and remember the GOOD OLD DAYS! ^_^

FB is GREAT! We are now reCONNECTED !

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