Sketching Again

If I'm not mistaken I started making drawings at the age of 4. Circles, lines and curves could be easily made into figures out of imagination. Princess and mermaids were some of what I liked to draw then.

When I was on my sixth grade, I won third in a drawing contest (division level) wherein I was awarded as Artist of the Year '87 by my Alma Mater (Cembo Elementary School).

It's been a very long time now since I held on my charcoal pen and decided to draw hands were shaking... my starting point was nowhere to be found...then I started dropping my pen onto my sketch pad...tsk tsk...

I was kind' of depressed for a couple of days (again) when I decided to sketch to stay away from all of my frustrations and depressions...I thought it was a great idea for me to be able to express my emotions and feelings towards life.

I want to talk but the person whom I had to wasn't ready for talking things which buggles me a lot from then until now. I was referring to my partner in life, yup my hubby.  Somehow we don't really jive on things specifically--bout life. We have different point of views and on how we think on a certain situations.

Hmmmm..maybe I'm just quite a little too emotional..hahaha!

Anyway, I still love to sketch...and hope I do more when I have time....


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