I'm Coffeeholic!

I have always been a COFFEE LOVER! I drink 2-3 cups of coffee in a day(that is-- when I limit myself, cause if i would be allowed to drink it, I would probably pour the hot water to my cup and mix nescafè 3 in 1(No! I don't go for the brand-any would do) and drink coffee hour after hour. By the way, I'd like mine be with cream and sugar, of course! Hmm...I usually drink one in the morning after waking up and one in the evening before going to bed. I usually take it with some lite soda crackers or by merely drinking coffee alone. My day wouldn't be complete without zipping a hot coffee in a day.

Truly the aroma catches my attention everytime I will pass by in Market Market's Starbucks and Ayala's Figarro. These are famous coffee shops that offers variety of coffee flavors-italian, cappucino and other kind which I am still unfamiliar and hasn't tasted yet. Because for a practical reason, coffee in these shops are hmmm quite expensive--than buying P5 saché pack, right? ("Kuripot" talaga hahaha, "thrifty"--I mean)

Until of this day, people are still having discussions if coffee is a good energy provider or a devil's beverage. Others claimed that morning coffee boos their energy and alertness-as for me, when I couldn't sleep at night, one hot coffee would warmth me and would give me some kind'a "goodnight" sleep. If I am sleepy- I drink coffee to be awake...he he he (confusing, right?)

I have always been a COFFEE drinker and probably would stay a COFFEEholic! And nothing beats the satisfaction I get everytime I'll zip into it. (Kanya-kanyang trip lang...) ^_^.

Anyway, one thing is for sure nothing could beat the aroma and taste of a good creamy cup of coffee!

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