DENGUE attacked Rian!

Rian is my grandson via pamangkin Adrian.

-is turning 7 this coming February of 2013;

-is always happy playing with his sibling Adee;

-is fond of McQueen of "The Cars"; and

...was attacked by Dengue found last Sunday, October 28.

It was only on Sunday morning when we found out that YanYan (as we all call him) was having a Case 1 Dengue. Prior on that, we (mamita and I) were hoping that t'was due to his ongoing cough and colds that time .  We went to KLINIKAYA in Guadalupe to have his blood examined and yes, the doctor confirmed:--Yanyan was having dengue and should be sent to the hospital to be able to recover fast and that his blood platelet would be monitored in extreme basis.

It was really a hard day for me seeing one of my love ones suffer in this kind of sickness because I know for a fact that Dengue is one of the most deadliest  illness in the country today. .

Yanyan's 160 blood platelete count was dropped in 128 later afternoon as he had his second CBC in the hospital.

He was ordered to drink a lot of water.

The doctor advised us to buy 5 packs of  Aerosol (dont know if this is the correct spelling) mixed with 1liter of water.

Later that noon, Yanyan was checked-out from the outpatient ward and the let us send him home.

Also they prohibited  Rian  eat  dark-coloured foods, champorado, chocolates, choco drinks, to name a few.  They also instructed us to continue him with the Aerosol thing.  Mamita again bought another 5 packs of it and mixed it with 1 liter of Absolute Water.

When they got back to the Pedia the day after, Yan's blood platelet found to be 128, a good sign as for the doctor who have read the CBC REPORT done earlier morning on that  same day.

Finally, with 168 blood plateleet result on the CBC, the doctor confirmed that Yan was already out of danger from  DENGUE and what should only be treated was his cough and colds -- THANK GOD FOR LIFE! :)



For more Dengue information view this site:

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