Baguio, 2012

Sorry for the late post. Got busy these past few months taking care of the kids at home, sending and fetching them from school and doing some household chores.

Of course, in between those times, there were happy moments of togetherness and family bonding once in a while  but because of busy schedules of each family members, it is only now that I get this chance to write down one of the most exciting adventures I got -- the short but happy bonding moments with hubby in Baguio.

My hubby and I went to Baguio City last October 21, it was Saturday.  Unfortunately, kids weren't able to join us because of school matters.  It wasn't my first time in that place, either hubby. We had our first trip together when I was 3 months pregnant with my eldest son, year 1999 to be exact.

On this trip, we were with his officemates and his Superior, Sir Joey. According to hubby the plan was quick and so swiftly arranged by their superior.

By the way, we dropped in Mabalacat , Pampanga and dine for dinner.  It was indeed a fortunate chance for me to see again my in-law Nanay Miniang, Ate Saile and the rest of the family.  Awesome dishes were served like Grilled Tilapia and Liempo  landed on a table covered with banana leaves.  We spent almost an hour in Pampanga and traveled the remaining five-hour long drive going to the considered Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.

the time we had in Mabalacat, Pampanga

sorry for uploading this pic ate sai. this was just a rare opportunity

We took the road up using McKinley Road and got the chance to see  the beauty of different lights twinkling and shimmering brightly as we went up high on the mountains and finally reached the city at 12:30 in the morning.

Lucky to be accommodated by Jasper, nephew of Sir Joey, we were able to spend the rest of the hours taking some nap while the men were making jokes and having some fun while holding bottles of light beers on their hands.

Uncompleted rest and sleep, we started to roam around the city at 6am and made our breakfast in one of the fastfoods near the vicinity.

the breakfast we had in Good Friends Fastfood

The first place we went to was in the BAGUIO CATHEDRAL. We wanted to start the tour safe and guided by hearing a mass before the next adventure begins.

We would like to note that once in a while we were checking the kids at home and made sure that they were  safe and of course, unharmed :)

After the church, we got the chance to go to the STRAWBERRY FARM and bought some jams, strawberries and other things as pasalubong to the family in Manila. We weren't able to go inside the farm because of too much heat from the sun that time. The team was just contented  choosing the right pasalubong for their love ones waiting at home.

Papa buying some pasalubong

Then we passed by at the Mines View, Horse-Riding Park and Mansion Hotel. But  none of us were able to stepped down from the van to do picture taking and get some souveneir shots.  Maybe we were all restless to come down  and felt dizzy because of the long trip that we had that night.

 We also bough some ube jams made by nuns at the GOOD SHEPERED CENTER.

Final destination was in BURHAM PARK where I unlucky dropped my sim card while taking out the bills for my bought-ukay-ukay jacket and hats on the evening when we arrived Saturday night.

Of course, we took our lunch before heading down Kennon Road at 2pm, Sunday.


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