welcome back

He was very little then about 3 years of age when I remember asking me "okay ka lang, tita chell?" I was shocked to hear that from a very young tot. It was when i couldn't see things in color and all people seemed busy with their own works...

that wow there was this small kid who'd askd me if i was fine? Imagine he recognized the feeling at his young age? I remember embracing him and telling him i was okay...even if it was untrue. He never knew of a tear dropped because i felt that time.. someone had given me the feeling of just been asked-- of how was i ..--and if there was something wrong with me.

It was almost a week when he left...he went away for a reason he himself only knew.

"He don't want to be controlled by others, that is why", most of the family members had commented.

...today, he has come back and has returned--hope has gained the true meaning of LIFE...HOME and FAMILY.

To you...you know who you are..life is beautiful when you have a family that cares and a place you call HOME.

Love your mother she's the only one you've got.

Tita chell loves you so much and this time-let me be the one to ask you the same question--"are you okay?", and I hope --you are!


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