gacusan clan new year's eve celeb for 2010

New Year's eve was probably the most happiest moment for the whole GACUSAN Clan last year. On December 31, my hubby ^_^ and Kuya Nol were incharged of going to the market to buy stuffs for their pulutan.
Me and my sisters cleaned the compound for a more comfortable cite for the evening.

Each family was also busy preparing for each’ media noche meal.

Videoke was provided by my very generous ^_^ ate Chona.

It was the first New Year’s eve that Jhun and Bilog weren’t around. They are both working abroad. I was sure that they all missed the fun that we had. (right!)

We had a great time dancing and singing all night. Papa and John had a dance number to the tune of “Jai-Ho. Christian and Jerome had enjoyed too, dancing and shaking the whole night.

My kids, of course, had fun lightning the “lusis” with papa ^_^.

Everybody were very happy welcoming year 2010 ^_^

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