Hypertension !!!

Great are people who have no problem with regards to their health.


My family acquired through generations (I guess) the illness of being hypertensive -- if you may call it an illness.

I still remember when I was still young when 'tatay' would go to his doctor for a regular check up on his blood pressure. Also, 'nanay' did the same thing. My father actually had been hypertensive even he was still as young as 12 years old. Nanay would tell me that his first time application for joining the Philippine Army was a failure because of a high blood pressure result. But of course, after a series of carbo intake discipline my father joined the military in 1951.

My 'Nanay' as we went to and fro for her cataract removal led us several months before the operation because of a high blood pressure too. It was more difficult on her part because she is a person who gets easily nervous and afraid to undergo such thing.

Now, it is my hubby who unfortunately is hypertensive one.

We went last month to take some check-ups and asked for doctor's prescription and done a series of medical laboratories and examinations. The result were all normal except for his slow pulses
made by his intake of METROPOLOL -NEOBLOCK.

We were informed that NEOBLOCK is not advisable to take when your number/counts of pulses is lower than the normal one. He was told to stop the intake of the said medicine instead buy and take the prescribed drugs for his blood (IRON), vitamins and SILYMARINE to eliminate the fats to his liver because he was diagnosed of a fatty liver based on the SGPT that was done to him on MEGASON CLINIC where he had the medical laboratories I have mentioned.

Truly indeed, he is also continuing his discipline not to take alcohol at this time and hopefully to eliminate the habits in a sooner possible time.

HYPERTENSION has been a great health risk among Filipinos because of the humid weather we have plus the kinds of food we eat. Filipinos love to eat all the time. We should be careful of what to take because it will obviously affect our body.

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