Meeting Again with My BFFs!

It was so nice of FACEBOOK! It is really true  --   Imagine after twenty (20) looong years we we're reunited once again...yup I'was referring to my buddy since elementary days and my highschool besfriend (Jennifer and Maricel respectively).

Hmmm...actually Che-che (Jennifer), as I call her is the "Ninang" of my first born John.  We were classmates since Elementary until High School.  We separated in College but surprisely we met on 1993 in the venue where we both found out we belong in the same school, International Electronics and Technical Institute.  She graduated from Cubao branch and I from Makati.  We did found out also that we had taken the same course, Computer Secretarial and Business Management (CSBM).

Me and BFF Che on a surprised meeting on

On the other hand, "Tol" (Cel) as I call her is a friend also from High School.  We got along very well during our days, not to mention -- we both have the same first name "MARICEL".

Tol is my kumare! Yup! I am her first born Ninang. We separated because she had to go to the province to pay her last respect to her Tita...but unfortunately hadn't come back. She continued her Senior High School in the province.

...and the rest was history !

Life had changed a lot, new allies, new companions, new faces....

I considered myself very lucky to have met them once in my life.  But God is good!!! Here we are again back on each others arm.  Reminiscing every single moment of our lives that was full of fun and surprises.

We have gone our different ways but God knows how much we do love each other. And until now we remain as BFFs FOREVER!

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